We live our lives with a routine that we follow.  Every day we repeat some variation of that routine and participate in activities that we do not realize we are participating in. I am interested in that repetition and ordinariness that is present in our everyday lives.  The idea of not questioning what we do and simply accepting it as a part of life is something that fascinates me.

One way that I am exploring this idea is by photographing people watching television.  They are watching programs that they choose, when they typically watch television.  This activity that we participate in becomes a part of many peoples everyday lives.  People form a relationship with the television, it becomes part of a home, center of the room, an activity that we participate in and look forward to.  It is something that brings people together as a form of interaction, a common thing that people do.  In my photographs I am hoping that people will become aware of this relationship that we have with an object.  It is something that people become engaged in and interact with.   When making these photographs, the camera is placed at the television, showing the actual relationship that the television viewer has created with the object.